Whois: Jed Events

Jeremyjedhammel [at] gmail [dot] com

Jeremy Jed Hammel (aka Whois: Jed) was formerly the head of events at Workbar coworking (a multi-location coworking space),  where he organized and coordinated a number of tech, social impact, inclusion-oriented, and art events.  

Some of his freelance event planning experience includes a 250 guest City Awake closing night party, (featuring 2 hip-hop artists, a rock band, an a capella group, story slam, inclusion art salon, wine tasting, live art bar, and 2 DJ’s), The Boston Calendar's 200+ guest "Free Boston" events (featuring boozy ice cream, spicy tequila tasting, and an conversation starters), and 8 years of the Filmshift Film Festival (social impact/50% female directors).  

Other events include this music/art/film/dance/music/tasting sponsored by Aeronaut Brewery and Startup Institute, and this women in tech event at WeWork Cambridge.