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We promote & create fun events that support non-profits  

We help "boost the promotional signal" of events supporting non-profits.  We do this via the support of The Boston Calendar and others in our network to help build event attendance, awareness, & donations to the cause.

We help create both free and donation-based community arts, entertainment, & learning events designed to further the cause of diversity, to provide new experiences to the guests, and to bring people of all backgrounds together in celebration.

We ask existing entertainment events unrelated to social impact to donate a portion of their proceeds to a non-profit of their choice.


We curate a monthly list of featured events that support various non-profits promoted by The Boston Calendar, we help to organize original arts & entertainment events to raise money and awareness for social impact causes, and we reach out to events or artists unrelated to social impact and ask if they can donate a portion of their proceeds to a non-profit of their choice.


Now more than ever many of us are seeing how our decisions and actions affect those around us and vice-versa.  Our futures are connected to each others.  My belief is that if that if we can find low-barrier and fun ways for folks to attend, support, and donate to causes, it will become a habit and a way of being to try to help, understand, and uplift each other regardless of any perceived differences.

This is my way to play a part in helping to create a more diverse, educated, and civicilly engaged community.  The steady decline of civility, understanding, compassion, and sense of inclusion I've seen in our country concerns me and this is a small contribution that I hope will help.

I feel that if a diverse array of folks can be represented in the tech job force, if we can facilitate positive shared experiences with people of different backgrounds, if we can make a habit of supporting social impact causes, if as a country can be better educated on and more inspired by the political issues of our time, then I believe a positive change and a better future can be created for us all. 

I also believe that bringing people together for music, art, and entertainment events has an amazing way of breaking down perceived barriers and connecting us on a human level in a way no other experiences can.  I have a certain level of inroads to the event, social impact, tech, and art communities, so I felt this was a good way for me to contribute.